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The Fredericksburg Independent Book Festival Schedule

by | Sep 25, 2018 | Events

What: The Fredericksburg Independent Book Festival
When: Saturday, September 29, 10 AM to 4 PM
Where: Old Mill Park, 2201 Caroline Street, Fredericksburg, VA 22401


Red Canopy

  • Time: 11-11:45
    Topic: Self publishing Art Books
    Host: April Bair
    Panelists: TBA
  • Time: 12-12:45
    Topic: The Importance of Character Development and/or Setting
    Host: Bryan Nowak
    Panelists: T.M. “Mike” Brown, Arcadia, Judy Kelly, Mara Mahan, Joseph Lewis
  • Time: 1-1:45
    Topic: Awesome Female Protagonists in Science Fiction
    Host: Martin Wisley
    Panelists: Rysa Walker, Theresa Kay, Cait Ashwood, E.G. Gaddess (Tara Moeller), Lynn Yvonne Moon
  • Time: 2-2:45
    Topic: How Fantasy Meets Reality: Magical Realism, Urban Fantasy, and other Soft Fantasy Genres
    Host: Shane Wilson
    Panelists: Anthony Dobranski, Jane Renfro, E.G. Gaddess (Tara Moeller)

Blue Canopy

  • Time: 11-11:45
    Topic: Women in Indie Publishing
    Host: Janelle Kennedy
    Panelists: Cait Ashwood, Sue Pighini
  • Time: 12-12:45
    Topic: Strong Female Protagonists in Thrillers
    Host: Phyllis Duncan
    Panelists: TBA
  • Time: 1-1:45
    Topic: Veterans Finding Purpose and Relevance after the Military
    Host: Yasheka Foster
    Panelists: Tim Brien, India Wilson
  • Time: 2-2:45
    Topic: Becoming a Successful Indie Author Entrepreneur
    Host: David Winters
    Panelists: TBA

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