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Common Stafford Courts Questions Answered

by | Oct 30, 2018 | Government

One of the most popular topics of calls to Stafford’s Citizens Assistance Office is where and how to use the courts. People want to know where to get concealed weapons permits, where to pay fines and how to get a marriage license. Is there someone there who can marry people? Are cell phones allowed in court? Nothing is worse than making a trip to the courthouse and not being able to complete your transaction. Citizens Assistance has compiled a list of frequently asked questions below to help citizens navigate the courts with common activities.

“Most people do not conduct business with the courts regularly so when they do need to; it can be both intimidating and confusing from a lack of familiarity. Our job is to help make it easy for citizens to conduct their business,” said Citizens Assistance Manager Jeff Shover. “Our office has years of experience answering questions, and these are the things we are asked most often.”

What are the hours of the courts?

Stafford Courthouse is home to the Circuit, District and Juvenile and Domestic Relations courts. They conduct business between the hours of 8:00 a.m. and 4:00 p.m. It’s important to allow enough time to complete a transaction – you probably will not be successful if you show up at 3:55 p.m. and want a concealed weapon permit.

Where do you go to pay a traffic ticket?

The good news is you may not have to go anywhere. You may be able to pay General District traffic tickets online by visiting traffic tickets. You may pay Circuit Court traffic tickets online at Circuit Court traffic tickets. Otherwise, you would need to go to Stafford Courthouse at 1300 Courthouse Road, Stafford, VA 22554, to the court clerk window for the respective court to make a payment. The same goes for fines.

Can I take cell phones into the Courthouse?

The answer is no. There are no phones allowed in the Courthouse. That means you will be turned away at the door. Save yourself some time and leave your phone in your car.

Where and how do I get a Concealed Weapon permit?

New applicants must apply in person at the Circuit Court Clerk’s Office in Stafford Courthouse. You must provide proof of firearms training, valid picture identification and proof of residency if valid identification does not reflect Stafford County address. You may renew in person at the Court Clerk’s Office, via mail or online at Concealed Weapon.

Marriage Questions

First of all, you need to be over 18. You may apply online at Stafford Marriage or the Circuit Court Clerk’s office. The Circuit Court provides a list of marriage commissioners online to officiate weddings. It is the individual’s responsibility to contact and arrange the date and time with a commissioner. They are not at the premises ready to perform a marriage at any given time. It is free to get married in the courtyard or at the Stafford Armed Services Memorial.

Divorce Questions

It is illegal for court clerks to assist you with filing for divorce. You may file your own, but the court strongly suggests you hire an attorney. If you have minor children, a divorce must be filed in the Juvenile and Domestic Court. If there are no minor children, you may file in Circuit Court. Visit the Circuit Court page for more information.

As always, you may find more information on courts at the Stafford County Government website.

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