Fall gardening checklist

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Leaf Removal

Are you proud of the lawn that you have worked hard to establish this fall? Do not let the leaves smother your new grass!

Removing or mulching leaves from your lawn is important not only for looks, but also for the health of your lawn. A thick layering of leaves will block out any sunlight, water, nutrients, or air from reaching the roots of your grass. Sunlight is extremely important at this time of year as the grass needs the sunlight to store food for winter dormancy. If left covered, it can be a sanctuary for pests and diseases to fester. It also has the potential for preventing new grass from sprouting in the Spring.


Fall is the most important fertilizer application of the year for tall fescue. The root systems are currently uptaking the nitrogen from the fertilizer and storing them for the winter to begin growing in the spring. This final feeding will contribute to a lush green lawn in the spring. Put your lawn to bed for the winter with one last feeding.


Why do I need to prune back my perennial flowers in the fall?

As colder temperatures move in and perennial flowers have concluded their growing season, it is essential to cut them back in preparation for winter weather conditions. Once these perennial flowers are pruned back, they are covered with a fresh layer of mulch to insulate them from winter weather conditions. Some popular perennial plants that need to be pruned in the Fall include: Bearded Iris, Beebalm, Catmint, Daylilies, Peonies, Perennial Sunflowers, Phlox, Saliva, Yarrow, and many more. The best time to prune these perennials is after the first hard freeze.


What are the benefits of mulching in the fall?

Applying fall mulch aids in protecting the plant’s roots from outside conditions, such as the harsh temperatures of Winter. The mulch will also break down to supply nutrients as it decomposes. Regularly applying mulch will help to prevent weeds from growing and will also prevent erosion. The best time to apply mulch in the fall is after the first hard freeze and after the fall pruning of the perennials. Applying mulch after pruning provides easier access to mulching under the plants.

At Sorensen, we have a system in place to prep your lawn for the best growth. Give us a call so we can get to work at the right time.

Sorensen Outdoor Services is a Fredericksburg, Virginia-based company that holds numerous certifications in both turf care and construction. From your personal residence to your business, HOA, or government facility, we provide professional services to meet your needs. Visit us today.

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