5 Steps to Speed Up Your Mac® Computer

by | Dec 17, 2018 | Experimac, Partners, Technology

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In order to keep your Mac computer running in an efficient manner, it is important to maintain and monitor your computer’s functions. Does your system seem slower than it was when you first opened that soft white box? While Mac computers are engineered for endurance, they can get bogged down by processes. If your computer is a 2010 or newer model, it should not be running slow; this is a sign that something is wrong – the good news is that it can fixed. Try not to think of computer maintenance as a burden, but rather as an activity that will bring peace and productivity to your life.

Here are 5 steps to help speed up your Mac computer:

  1. Remove startup items you don’t need

    Often, there are startup programs that can be removed to improve speed. Open System Preferences, go to Users & Groups, and choose your nickname on the right. Choose Login items tab and check startup programs you don’t need and want to remove. Press the ‘-‘ sign below. If you later decide, you want to add an item back, press ‘+’ and add the app back.

  2. Restart your Mac computer

    Your computer is a productivity tool that works even when you aren’t actively using it. It’s important to restart your computer from time to time especially if it appears to be slowing down. From the Apple® menu button in the left corner of the screen, select Restart. You will be prompted to answer if you’re sure you want to restart your computer. The pop-up will also ask if you would like to reopen windows when logging back in – uncheck this. Once the system has rebooted, there should be an increase in your computer’s efficiency.

  3. Open Activity Monitor

    This is where you can view the background processes and the apps that are running on your Mac computer. The more programs that are operating, even when not being utilized, the slower your computer will run. The activity monitor can be located from the search magnifying glass. The window will pop-up “My Processes.” This is where CPU, Memory, Energy, Disc, and Network reside. From here, you can run a system diagnostic where a finder window will display the results.

  4. Quit opened apps

    Your Mac computer works for you but if you aren’t managing its functions, it could become sluggish. Quit opened apps and keep open only the programs that you are currently using. If you’re not sure whether or not an app is open, look for a dot below the app icon. This indicates the app is open even if it is not in use. Two “finger click” (or hold Control and click) on the Dock on the bottom of your screen and click Quit. This translates to an enhanced workflow and productivity experience.

  5. Optimize storage

    Click on the Apple® logo from the top menu bar. Select About This Mac, click on the Storage tab, and then click Manage. The storage management window is where you can see what data is on your Mac computer, which files should be deleted and which files should be sent to your iCloud® account or online file storage. Optimizing storage will remove old and unwanted files and enable you to reclaim hard disk space.

Other things to keep in mind . . .

  • Speed test – If your Mac computer’s hard drive is older than 4 years, you should have a speed test performed to make sure it’s running as it should and not starting to fail. The techs at Experimac are well equipped to run a speed test and will explain their findings.
  • Check the RAM on your computer – Click on the Apple logo in the top right corner and select About this Mac. If you see that your computer has less than 8 GB, upgrading the RAM can make a big difference in your computer’s speed. The Experimac team can take care of this for you.

Maintenance is key to your system’s productivity. Be sure to run these tasks and update your computer as needed. Are you having issues with your computer that are not resolved by restarting it? Would you like some help speeding up your Mac computer or with some repairs? Stop by your local Experimac store and one of our team members will be happy to help. Experimac’s techs will make recommendations on how to get your machine running faster. 

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