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TV Show Featuring Spotsylvania and Lake Anna to Debut Next Month

by | Jan 10, 2019 | News, Outdoors

SPOTSYLVANIA, VA – The Internationally televised, Emmy-nominated television show, Fishing University, that filmed here in the early Fall, will air that episode featuring Lake Anna and Spotsylvania next month. The show features not only the lake but local dining, activities, and attractions.

Fishing University holds a viewership of more than 63 million households, airing in all 50 states as well as in 51 additional countries. The Spotsylvania Department of Economic Development and Tourism played host to the crew taking them to sites that had the potential to draw in visitors to enjoy what we have to offer here in our area. When the offer to film the show here came, the Tourism Department viewed it as a strategic marketing opportunity to reach a target audience of potential guests seeking an outdoor travel destination.

Within each 30-minute episode of the show, a 90-second promotional spot will be included. The spots will be created to mirror the marketing efforts of the Spotsylvania Department of Tourism. Hosts Charlie Ingram and Ray Brazier will also include numerous mentions of their location during each show.

In addition to filming promotional spots and fishing, the hosts and film crew also presented a one-hour program at Spotsylvania High School and shared with them the importance of attaining an education and the outdoor career options available to them. The school will also be featured during the show.

The Spotsylvania episode will air 10 times in each quarter all year.
Codes for Channels: Outdoor Channel = ODC; Sportsman Channel = SPM; WFN=WFN
The air days and times for the 1st quarter of 2019 are: (All times listed are Eastern)
Mon., Jan. 21 9:00 a.m. ODC; 10:30 a.m. SPM
Wed., Jan. 23 3:00 a.m. WFN; 6:00 a.m. ODC; 9:00pm WFN
Fri., Jan. 25 4:00 p.m. WFN
Sat., Jan. 26 8:00 a.m. ODC; 11:00 a.m. SPM
Sun., Jan. 27 4:30 a.m. SPM; 10:00 a.m. WFN

About Fishing University

As one of the longest-running Outdoor TV shows, Fishing University is celebrating 33 years of bringing quality fishing programming to avid viewers. Each week they hit the water accompanied by friends and professionals in the industry, as viewers are engaged in a competitive show that is packed full of ‘how to tips’. Not only is the show exciting, but it also lets people in on ‘tricks of the trade’ from some of the very best in the outdoor industry. Fishing University can be seen on the Outdoor Channel, World Fishing Network and The Sportsman Channel in all 50 states and 51 other countries.

To see the entire schedule, go to www.fishingu.com, and be sure to visit Fishing University on Facebook.
Sponsors of Fishing University Include Charger Boats, Honda Marine, Jackson Kayak, Spro, Raymarine, T-H Marine, Power Pole, Orion Coolers, Cashion Rods, Strike King Lures, StormR, Cedar Creek Beef Jerky, Soft Science Footwear, Lithium Pros Batteries, Schrader Orthopedic & Stem Cell Treatment Center, Shooting Concepts, Marine Master Trailers, Gruv Fishing, BALSAX Line, Nite Track, E.A.R.S. Sun Gear and Side Kick Lure Retriever.

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