Tractor Supply coming to Ladysmith

by | Jan 29, 2020 | Business

From Caroline County Economic Development:

The Caroline County Board of Supervisors approved a rezoning that will facilitate the construction of a Tractor Supply hardware store on the east side of Rt. 1, near Durrette Road in the Ladysmith Business Park.

Supervisors incentivized the project through a Performance Agreement with Starr Management, owner of the property, to assist with the cost of the extension of water and sewer utilities to the site so that not only will the Tractor Supply be served, but an additional 40 acres will become viable for additional investment. Starr Management will receive $25,000 annually for three years to assist with the cost of the utility extensions: this is less than the annual tax revenue to be generated by Tractor Supply.

Tractor Supply is expected to construct a 20,000 square foot store that will employ approximately 20-25 employees making competitive wages and salaries.

Tractor Supply will invest $3.5 Million in the Ladysmith store.

Jeff Sili, Chairman of the Board, and Supervisor for Bowling Green district stated:

“Tractor Supply’s multi-million dollar investment will open up the commercial corridor on Rt.1 with County utility assistance. The Board of Supervisors have been proactive with its investment for future development. With this step more investment is likely on property that is well situated, but only now is hosting growth. We look forward to future jobs and revenue resulting from Caroline’s pro-business initiatives.”

Supervisor for the Madison District, Mr. Clay Forehand also commented, “Tractor Supply’s store will provide new retail shopping opportunities to Ladysmith and the county as a whole.  The addition of 20 or more jobs is another positive step forward and furthers the Boards resolve to bring businesses and jobs to Caroline County.  We look forward to the opening of a Tractor Supply later this year.”

Construction of the Tractor Supply store is anticipated to begin in the Spring of 2020.

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