From Home, You can Learn Your Family History with Our Favorite Genealogy Apps

by | Mar 20, 2020 | Experimax, Partners, Technology

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Never before have we had such extensive – and easy – access to historical records, data and familial information. Families can create and research their family genealogy in a simplified way thanks to technology and the advancement of record-keeping. Gone are the days where families had to rely on the library and antiquated methods of research. In the past few years, ancestry has become a hot topic that has ignited a deep interest in where people come from, how they got where they are and how connected they are to strangers throughout the world. 

These mobile apps will make the research process easier and more interesting – and conveniently, keep it all right at your fingertips.

  • FamilySearch Tree and FamilySearch Memories

    The FamilySearch reference apps are a convenient way to document your family tree and to connect with other family members. FamilySearch Tree gives the user the ability to document and preserve family photos, written stories, audio recordings and more. Features include the capability to browse your family branches and view portraits of relatives. Contribute your own stories and life details and share those with other family members. FamilySearch Memories helps you collect family memories whenever and wherever inspiration strikes. Preserve your family’s legacy by using your mobile device to photograph old photos and family documents. The best feature is that this app works without Internet access. Store your memories as they happen or go back later and update your family story.

  • Ancestry Family History

    Ancestry.com is known to have the most extensive genealogical database. With Ancestry’s Family History app, users can create and explore their family tree. Ancestry helps you discover your roots and beyond. Relatives can share stories, photos, records, documents and more with other users and family members. The collaborative nature of this app ensures that families continuously learn about their family’s legacy. Family members can update their life stories and add important events so that families stay up-to-date on all the happenings. The best feature of this app is the ability to search historical records. There are billions of historical photos and records included in this app. This is a subscription-based app but Ancestry does offer a free trial period.

  • MyHeritage Family Tree

    This is a great app for someone interested in DNA testing to confirm ancestry. MyHeritage DNA, known for their affordable DNA kits, also has an app to help you build your family history. Users can create and expand their family tree by adding details about family members. Once you have ordered a DNA kit, your ethnic origins will be understood. Use the app to find relatives and connections throughout the world. MyHeritage Family Tree has over 9 billion historical records available to users to search through. Features include Smart Matches and in-app messenger. There is a free plan and some paid subscription levels, too. There is an additional charge for the DNA kit; however, the kit does not have to be purchased to use and benefit from the basic plan.

Understanding family origins seems to be the thing to do in 2020. Don’t miss out on these easy ways to get a better understanding of your personal history right from your iPhone® device or iPad® tablet with these convenient apps. If you are having trouble using these or other apps on your favorite device, stop by your local Experimax store. We’d be happy to help you get everything on track again.

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