Lost or Stolen iPhone® Device? Here’s What You Need to Do

by | Mar 27, 2020 | Experimax, Partners, Technology

From Experimax

Theft of any kind can feel alarming. But, when it involves your iPhone device, it can seem like a different type of threat. Most people rely on their iPhone devices to remember and track a variety of information. Much of this information is private and should remain protected. If your iPhone device is stolen, don’t panic! The following steps will enable Apple’s industry-leading security system design to protect your data and your identity.

Some of these can (and should) be done now before a theft occurs

  • A simple way to protect your data and personal information is to implement a passcode on your iPhone device. This 6-digit PIN can be a lifesaver if your phone is stolen or lost. Apple only considers passcode enabled iPhones to be secure trusted devices.
  • Set up two-factor authentication. This will prevent someone from accessing your data if they manage to figure out your Apple ID password and try to set up a device or login to your iCloud account with your stolen credentials.
  • Track your phone with the Find My App. The GPS in your iPhone device serves another purpose – to locate where your device is currently. This must be set-up before your phone is stolen or lost. Go to settings and search for the Find My App.

    Find My App

These can be done after an incident

  • If you haven’t added a passcode to your iPhone device, change your other passwords immediately. Prevent access to your email, banking and other accounts by changing your passwords via another device.
  • Report your device stolen. The police, your phone insurance company, your service provider, your employer, and your family/friends/contacts. The more you communicate about the theft, the better, as it draws attention to the crime or incident by drawing attention to your device.
  • Track your phone with the Find My App. The GPS in your iPhone device may be able to locate where your device is. This method locates your phone, so use caution, and consider leaving it to law enforcement to retrieve your iPhone device.
  • Delete your phone’s data by logging into your iCloud® account through the web on an available device. Whatever data has been saved to your Cloud can be deleted through web access to your account.

We hope that your iPhone device will safely find its way back to you but should you need to purchase a phone to replace your stolen device, consider supporting a local business and saving money with the purchase of a certified pre-owned iPhone device from Experimax. Why spend more than you have to? At Experimax, there are various phone models to choose from and you’ll be able to see these for yourself when you stop by our store. Our local product Xperts will gladly help you choose the best device for your budget.

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