Mirror Your iPhone® Device to a Mac® Computer When You Need a Bigger Screen

by | Apr 3, 2020 | Experimax, Partners, Technology

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The iPhone device, released in 2007, changed the way people interact, conduct work, participate in commerce and receive entertainment. The idea of constantly being connected simply by touching the phone screen to initiate commands was a novelty at the time. Increased productivity and engagement were witnessed across the Internet.

While the iPhone device was revolutionary to users for a variety of reasons, there are times when you need a bigger screen. Mirroring your iPhone device to a Mac computer is one of the easiest ways to increase the screen size while still utilizing many of the features on the iPhone device. To take advantage of the iPhone device’s capabilities, users must use either Mac’s QuickTime Player or third-party software programs (such as Reflector) to enable this process. Users need to be sure to confirm that their device is compatible with Apple, Inc.’s® requirements for using the AirPlay® feature.

QuickTime Player mode:

  1. Connect the iPhone device to the Mac computer using the Lightning to USB cable
  2. Open QuickTime on the Mac computer
  3. Select File from the top of the screen
  4. Select New Movie Recording
  5. Click on the down arrow to locate the iPhone device from the list

    Third-party app mode, using Reflector:

    If using a third-party app to mirror the iPhone device to the Mac computer, it is important to note that it will not mirror all content from the phone – only content that permits the AirPlay feature to function. Download the app, open the app and the content to be mirrored. Within the third-party app, select the AirPlay icon and then select the Mac device. The iPhone device will require a code that is generated from the Mac computer. Once the code is entered, content can be mirrored.

    Should you need assistance learning how to mirror your iPhone device to a Mac computer, your local Apple product Xperts at Experimax, are ready to walk you through it. Stop by anytime – no appointment necessary.Click on the down arrow to locate the iPhone device from the list

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