Is Your MacBook Pro® Laptop Battery Having Issues? Here’s The Fix.

by | Apr 24, 2020 | Experimax, Partners, Technology

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If you are a MacBook Pro laptop owner, battery life is likely an important productivity issue for you. Portability is one of the most common reasons to purchase a laptop and it’s essential that your system works quickly and with full power when you’re on the go. If when you purchased your system, the battery worked well and held power longer than it is now, this can be frustrating. The Battery Usage indicator clearly communicates how much “life” is left and can be a visual reminder that something just isn’t right with your laptop.

The more functions you require of your MacBook Pro laptop, the harder the battery is working. When you find your battery no longer keeps its promise of having an “extended battery life,” consider these tips to help you fix your battery issues and to optimize your system.

  1. Restart

    Give your MacBook Pro laptop a break. Restart it. Sometimes simply restarting your system gives it a chance to “catch its breath”.

  2. Run Updates

    There are important updates that are sent to your system. Periodically, these updates can include “fixes” that may impact battery life.

  3. Check Energy Saver Functions

    Extend battery life by selecting options to save energy. Click on the battery icon and select “Open Energy Saver Preferences.” Select the options that are most beneficial.

  4. Use Apple® native apps

    These Apple apps are developed and coded to be as efficient as possible. Stick to the Apple native apps so that your battery life is extended. Using non-Apple apps can be draining to your MacBook Pro laptop because the system has to essentially work harder for proper compatibility.

  5. Adjust display and keyboard brightness

    This simple selection can result in less power use. If you don’t require full brightness, consider decreasing it so that your battery can operate at its fullest potential.

  6. Disable features and technologies that use power

    There are quite a few integrated technologies that can have an effect on battery life. For example, if you don’t need WiFi, turn it off to help conserve battery power.

The maintenance of your MacBook Pro laptop is important to its productivity. Taking the best care of your system is the best way to ensure that it’s performing as it should. If you have tried the above but the battery issues persist, you should take a moment to check the battery’s health by following these simple steps.

  1. Go to the Apple logo at the top left of your screen.
  2. Select “About this Mac”.
  3. Select “System Report”.
  4. Look under “Power” on the left. If the cycle count is over 500, it’s time to get the capacity checked by an Experimax Apple product Xpert.

The battery life is just one sign that something could be “off” with your MacBook Pro laptop. If you have tried the above but still find that your device’s battery is sluggish and draining or that the cycle count is over 500, bring it your local Apple tech Xperts at Experimax. Our local Xperts can install a new battery in your MacBook Pro without having to ship your laptop away for weeks at a time. We know you need to work and getting your device back in working order is our priority.

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