Rappahannock Area Health District: Nearly 70% COVID-19 cases here are under 50 years old

by | May 21, 2020 | Health & Wellness

The Rappahannock Area Health District reports 34 people are hospitalized. The Health District is monitoring 1,107 confirmed cases. That’s an increase of 48 cases in the last 24 hours. Stafford doubled the number of new cases Wednesday to Thursday.

Nearly 70% of the cases in the Rappahannock Area Health District are under 50.

Stafford 540 +26
Spotsylvania 366 +15
Fredericksburg 107
King George 49
Caroline 45

But according to state Health Department numbers, the 7-day moving average for coronavirus cases in Virginia has been trending downward in May.

Eileen Sousa tells us five Rappahannock Area Health District workers have tested positive for COVID-19. Sixteen additional staff have been identified as at risk for some level of exposure and are home in isolation or quarantine.

Due to staffing shortages, the Health District will not be performing in-person clinical services through May 28, 2020. Stafford and Fredericksburg Health Department offices are closed.

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