Keeping in Touch: Group FaceTime® Calls

by | May 29, 2020 | Experimax, Partners, Technology

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With stay-at-home and shelter-in-place orders, we have become experts at social distancing while still trying to keep in touch with family, friends, and coworkers. Staying connected with those important people gives us all a sense of normalcy as we navigate these challenging times. Since traveling, group gatherings, and visiting friends are all on hold, a lot of us have found ourselves being invited to virtual hangouts.

While there are plenty of video options out there, the FaceTime® app is already available on your iPhone® device, iPad® tablet, and Mac® computer which makes it easy to connect with your existing contacts without having to learn how to use something else. You have likely done a one-on-one FaceTime already but did you know that you can join a group FaceTime session with up to 32 people? 

Make sure the FaceTime app is enabled on your device.

Go to your device’s Settings to check that it is enabled. Once the FaceTime app is enabled, you can receive and make calls from both your phone number and your Apple ID, similarly to sending text messages.

How do you start a Group FaceTime session?

The easiest way to join a group FaceTime is to go to a group chat that has everyone you want to meet with and click “FaceTime”. Everyone in the group will be added to the group FaceTime session. If you want to add anyone else, simply swipe up and add their contact.

What if you want to leave a group FaceTime session?

If you need to leave the group FaceTime session, simply click the red button toward the bottom of the screen. You can always rejoin if the call is still going on.

Want to have even more fun with your group chat? Newer versions of the iPhone device come with access to Animoji or Memoji stickers you can use during your FaceTime session.

The FaceTime app is easy to use and readily available on your existing device. We hope these tips inspire you to grab your coworkers or family and friends to “get together” for a virtual meeting, birthday celebration or game night. If you are having issues with your device and using the FaceTime app, don’t hesitate to call your local tech X-perts at Experimax.

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