Screen Protector for my iPhone® Device – Is it Necessary?

by | Jun 12, 2020 | Experimax, Partners, Technology

From Experimax

Our world relies on technology to make our daily lives easier. Now, at our fingertips, we have access to a world of information and resources. We can pay bills, watch movies, video chat, learn, connect, escape, produce, shop and so much more – all from our trusty iPhone device. That being said, the question is often asked, “Is it necessary to have a screen protector for my iPhone device?” The simple answer is, “Yes!”.

If you have invested in an iPhone device, you want to do all that you can to protect your device. For some, an iPhone device is their most expensive belonging and the idea of dropping the phone can be stressful. When you consider this, a screen protector, a thin plastic or glass sheet, is an affordable protection “plan” for your investment. 

Screen protectors can truly be a saving grace for your iPhone device as they absorb the impact of a drop or scratch. There are countless ways that your iPhone screen can become damaged without a screen protector while utilizing the simple protector will likely keep your screen intact. 

While you can replace or repair an iPhone device screen, this is more costly and invasive than purchasing and applying a screen protector. You can avoid the need for a screen replacement by adding a screen protector to your iPhone device as soon as you purchase it. 

Screen protectors vary in quality so you should consider a brand that has positive reviews.

If you have never applied a screen protector, be sure to follow the instructions included in the package. It is essential to follow each step precisely so that the screen’s effectiveness is not affected by the protector. A protector that is not properly installed may affect how the screen operates. 

It should be noted that it can be distressing if you have dropped or scratched your screen while using a screen protector. It still looks as though your screen is damaged, but it’s the protector doing its job. There will be knicks and cracks in the protector, but this does not mean your actual screen is affected. After some time, you may wish to replace your current protector to ensure your screen is easy to use.

At Experimax, we believe in protecting devices as much as possible. When you consider the relatively low cost of purchasing a screen protector, our techs agree it is money well spent to protect your iPhone device. We carry an assortment of accessories at our stores, including screen protectors, and are available to help install it for you.

Visit your local Experimax location – X marks the spot for superior customer service!

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