36 new sets of firefighting gear in King George

by | Jun 13, 2020 | Police and Fire

From King George Fire and Rescue:

King George Dept. of Fire, Rescue & Emergency Services is extremely proud to announce the receipt and distribution of 36 new sets of firefighting gear, a project that has been in the works now for a little more over a year. This long-desired acquisition means that our front-line firefighters now possess an additional set of firefighting gear, which is very important to the health and safety of our frontline firefighters.
There are many reasons for having an additional set of gear, which include reducing the exposure to cancer-causing carcinogens that permeates our gear, preventing steam burns from donning gear that is still wet, and being prepared to assist the public for the very next incident if the gear we are using gets damaged and can no longer be worn.
Our Fire Chief, David Moody and our Logistics Support Technician, Vern Crandall have both worked tirelessly on this project over the last year to be able to furnish our department with this priceless advantage, which keeps us safer, healthier, and all that much more prepared to answer the calls of those in need! We would like to express our sincere appreciation to Chief Moody and Technician Crandall for having our wellness in mind and providing us with this benefit.

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