MacBook® Laptop Tips: Apps that Help You Maximize the Potential of Your Laptop

by | Jun 26, 2020 | Experimac, Partners, Technology

From Experimax

Mastering your Mac computer by learning some shortcuts and tips will improve your user experience and help you work more efficiently. One way to make the most of your Mac computer is by mastering keyboard shortcuts. Mac computer keyboard shortcuts can become a simple process for any user although they may seem confusing when first learning the commands – consider keeping a “cheat sheet” nearby. 

A “command” is what you are telling the computer to do by a simple combination of keystrokes. These keystrokes can replace the use of input devices such as a mouse or trackpad. Many PC users have experience with keyboard shortcuts, but it might be a challenge when learning on a Mac computer. There are slight differences between the two systems, but the result is the same- saving you time. Whether you want to print, save a screenshot, search for something within your Mac computer or simply log out, there is a keyboard shortcut to learn.

When utilizing keyboard shortcuts, you’ll use a modifier key such as Control, Command, Option, Shift, fn, and Caps Lock. There are hundreds of keyboard shortcuts possible, these are some of the more essential and common shortcuts to use.

  • Command + A: Select All
  • Command + H: Hide screen
  • Command + Tab: Switch between active apps
  • Command + C: Copy
  • Command + V: Paste
  • Command + P: Print
  • Command + Q: Quit
  • Command + X: Cut
  • Command + S: Save
  • Command + Shift + Q: Log out
  • Command + Spacebar: Spotlight Search
  • Control + Command + Q: Immediately lock your screen
  • Command + F: Start a Spotlight search in the Finder window
  • Shift + Command + 3: Screenshot
  • Command + Z: Undo the previous command

The basics of Mac computer keyboard shortcuts will save you time which is key to completing tasks efficiently. The shortcuts will become a habit the more you use them on your Mac computer. These tips can save you time and less physical effort, relying more on the keyboard and less on the trackpad or mouse.

Apple® computers allow users to create their own shortcuts, too. Here’s what you need to do create your own shortcuts:

System Preferences > Keyboard > Shortcuts

While this might seem like a daunting task, before long, you may see the benefit of creating your own Mac computer keyboard shortcuts and exploring hundreds of other shortcut options.

If using keyboard shortcuts is causing you any grief or if you have any other issues with your Mac computer, your local Apple product X-perts are standing by at Experimax – we guarantee you’ll be pleased with the X-pert service you receive.

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