How to Optimize Your MacBook Pro® Laptop

by | Jan 17, 2021 | Experimax, Partners, Technology

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Apple laptops are known for their strong creative capabilities. The MacBook Pro laptop is commonly chosen by photographers, videographers, video editors, and audio experts. There is an array of options available when it comes to optimizing a MacBook Pro laptop. Whether you have an older MacBook Pro laptop or a newly-released model, there are ways to optimize your system so that you can create your life’s work. 

If your projects rely heavily on the creative functions and programs within your system, these optimization techniques will add even more allure to your video or photo work.

If your MacBook Pro laptop doesn’t seem to be running like it once did, consider a bit of “spring cleaning” on your system. A slower system usually indicates that the laptop is working on several different functions at once. These fixes will improve your creative output and streamline your workflow. 

There are a lot of contributors to a slowed-down system, but there are simple solutions to increase the productivity and speed of your MacBook Pro laptop to consider.

  • Check Activity Monitor – Before any other improvements and upgrades, your first step should be to speed up your MacBook Pro laptop by eliminating programs and processes that you do not need. Open the Activity Monitor from the Utilities folder > Applications folder. The Activity Folder will display information on the CPU, memory, energy, disk, and network usage. From the Activity Monitor/CPU, verify which processes are being used and close down the ones that you don’t need to run. Here, you can also determine how much space is available. Once your laptop has fewer processes to tackle, the system will speed-up.
  • Tidy up Your Desktop – Your computer’s desktop can be thought of as quick access to files and folders that you need the most, but eventually, a surplus of little boxes across your desktop will start to slow your system down. The desktop relies on RAM (Random Access Memory) for short term storage, and the laptop’s main memory space or hard drive for the files not in use. Deleting the folders on your desktop will not remove them for your computer’s memory; it simply reduces the processes your system has to perform which means a faster system. You can purchase more RAM for your MacBook Pro laptop from your local Experimax – prices will vary but they are more affordable than ever, giving users a variety of gigabyte (GB) options.
  • Outdated Software & Operating System – Software updates shouldn’t be ignored. If you’re in the middle of a project and your MacBook Pro laptop seems sluggish, it could be that the software and operating systems are not up to date. Many of these involve security updates, as well, for your protection and to sustain the health of your laptop. Keeping-up with these will ensure that your system is safe for you to use and to share files with others. Also, an updated operating system (OS) can solve many of your slow system issues. Each new OS version will include enhancements and bug fixes.

These simple tasks should be completed regularly so that your system continues to perform as needed for all of your creative projects. If you find you aren’t habitual with keeping your MacBook Pro laptop optimized, follow the above steps when you notice its performance isn’t up to par.

If following these steps doesn’t resolve your issues, we invite you to visit your local Apple® product X-perts at Experimax. Our techs will conduct a thorough inspection and make recommendations to improve your user experience.

Business hours are Monday – Sunday 10 AM – 8 PM. Experimax is located at 1865-106 Carl D. Silver Parkway, Fredericksburg, VA 22401.

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