Working Remotely? Here’s the Best Mac® Computer Setup

by | Jan 24, 2021 | Experimax, Partners, Technology

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As much of the world is working remotely during the COVID-19 pandemic, home offices are becoming the norm. Telecommuting can be tricky, but many at-home workers adjust to working remotely while tackling logistics. A designated workspace with minimal distractions will help keep remote workers focused. But with the right gear and accessories, your workflow and workday can become more productive and stream-lined. Home-based employment can be a positive experience when the right resources are used. Apple® products are geared towards efficiency and are relied upon by millions of remote workers.

Here’s the best Mac computer setup and accessories to ensure your success:

  • Mac® computers and MacBook® laptops – Certified pre-owned Mac computers and MacBook laptops will keep your workflow running while reducing your costs. Users of all technological levels find that Mac computers, which are renowned for their user-friendly capabilities, are easy to use and reliable. Purchasing certified pre-owned devices can save you up to 60% off retail.
  • iPad® tablets – There are numerous versions of the iPad tablet to choose from. Each one offers unique options and features. The iPad screen is comfortable enough to work from but compact enough to move around the house easily. Add a keyboard to your iPad tablet and increase your productivity even more. The sharing of information between devices is one of Apple’s premium functions so anything you have on your Mac computer or MacBook laptop can be accessed from your iPad tablet.
  • Keyboards and Mice – Apple’s wired and wireless keyboards and mice are intended to make your life easier. When you utilize these accessories, your gear becomes more powerful. The more tech power you have, the more deadlines you can meet with ease.
  • AirPods® earbuds – In-ear headphones with a customizable fit will keep you focused on your job and not the distractions around your home. Some models include noise cancellation capabilities. Apple AirPods earbuds are automatically on and always connected and they can be used with your other Apple products including your iPhone® device and iPad tablet.
  • iPhone device – Your mobile phone offers a plethora of resources, many that are included with your iPhone device and don’t need to be downloaded. Consider using the Clock function to track breaks, set timers, and more. The iPhone device’s Calendar can be used to keep track of important deadlines and tasks; the Calculator works the numbers so you don’t have to, and the Reminders function will notify you of a scheduled event or deadline. The FaceTime® feature can be a valuable tool for face-to-face connections via your digital workspace.
  • Apps – Increase organization and productivity with a multitude of apps to enhance your work experience. Apps can be easily downloaded and installed to your favorite Apple device.

Remember to take breaks during your workday and stand after sitting for extensive periods. Be sure to update security requirements so that your employer or client’s data is safe. Protect yourself, too, by updating your Apple software as needed. Utilize these tips, and Apple devices, to improve the quality of your workday while you work remotely. Should you need assistance in selecting the best accessories or certified pre-owned products for working from home, the local Xperts at Experimax are available to share their knowledge and help you make the right choice for your budget.

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