Why Trade Old Apple® For Fresh Lettuce? Here’s The Scoop

by | Mar 26, 2021 | Experimax, Partners, Technology

From Experimax

When it comes to outdated tech, we’ve all asked ourselves the question “to sell or not to sell?” Chances are if you have to ask, the answer has been “sell” for a while. There are always exceptions, but generally speaking, turning that digital graveyard into quick cash will likely be beneficial – especially considering there is always something faster, smarter and more exciting right around the corner. Here are some solid reasons you should consider trading in yesterday’s tech for fresh cash today.

The Longer You Wait. The Less You’ll Make.

Luckily, Mac® tech is not like automobiles when it comes to depreciation. In fact, Mac® laptops retain a large chunk of their value for a couple of years or more after you buy them new. However, staying on the cutting-edge of obsolescence has consequences. If you wait too long to sell your device, the amount you get for your trade-in will definitely diminish. But even if your gear is way past its prime, it has value at Experimax. Even broken gear can be “traded up” for fresh certified pre-owned tech.

Your Next Upgrade Will Cost Less.

Keeping up with the latest tech, especially Apple®, can mean taking a hit where it hurts – your wallet. But, if you’re able to time your trade-in effectively, it can make upgrading to a newer model more affordable. Develop a wish list and compare the prices at Experimax with the value of your trade. You’ll be ready to act when the deal you seek is ripe for the taking. This is especially important if you are using your gear to conduct professional business, where an upgrade in performance can provide a much-needed edge.

You’re Helping Someone Else Get Gear.

One person’s Mac® trash is another person’s Mac® treasure. When you trade in your old Apple® products at Experimax, you’re ensuring that someone else will be able to put the equipment you traded to good use at a price they can afford. You’re also helping the environment by keeping e-waste out of the landfill. So, not only are you making bank and getting your hands on the latest gear, you’re helping the environment and others at the same time. Can you say “Win, win, win, win!?”

At Experimax, friendly technicians are ready and waiting to give you top dollar for your old tech, and they’ll also help you get a newer certified pre-owned model for a much sweeter price than you’ll find at the Apple® Store. Stop by today to cash in.

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