Tree Fredericksburg Sale Takes Place November, 13

by | Sep 8, 2021 | Outdoors

From Tree Fredericksburg:

Tree Fredericksburg is selling one-gallon native trees and shrubs for $5 each for pick up on Saturday, November 13. The regular cost of the trees and shrubs is $9, but the lower cost of $5 is being subsidized by grants from four of the organization’s partners: Friends of the Rappahannock, We Plant Trees, Virginia Department of Forestry and Transurban. All trees and shrubs are native species. There is no limit on purchases while supplies lasts. Pickup of the trees and shrubs must be done on Saturday, November 13 between 8 am and 2 pm at the Fred Nats Stadium. You may send a representative to pick up your order if you are not available.

Trees for sale include Bald Cypress, Black Cherry, Dogwood, Fringe Tree, Kentucky Yellowwood, Sweet Bay Magnolia, Red Maple, Shumard Oak, Swamp White Oak, White Oak, Paw Paw, Persimmon, Redbud, River Birch, Serviceberry, and Witch Hazel.  Shrubs for sale include Bayberry, Beautyberry, Blueberry, Elderberry, Red Osier Dogwood, Arrowwood Viburnum and Winterberry. To order or find out more information about each species, go to www.TreeFredericksburg.org and click on Tree Sale.

The many benefits of trees include, cleaner air, reduced noise, storm water mitigation, food for birds and wildlife, and beauty for our neighborhoods.  Planting a tree in your yard helps all of us.  To learn more about proper tree planting and mulching go to www.TreeFredericksburg.org and click on Resources.

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