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by | Sep 24, 2021 | Business

From B101.5

Growing up, Jeremy Grey was all about playing baseball. It was his first love. However, a shift in the paradigm came at a fairly young age thanks to his dad and grandpa. Jeremy’s dad was in a band and his grandpa was a comedian. He grew up watching them enjoy the spotlight as they performed.

Jeremy was the adolescent class clown that wanted everything to do with being in that same spotlight. When he was 19, Jeremy worked for a landscaper. He remembers listening to a local radio show that had him in stitches every morning. Jeremy thought to himself, “Man, I could do that.” His grandpa was a radio jock back in the 50’s and initially encouraged Jeremy to chase after the radio dream. It was due to his grandpa’s unyielding belief in him that Jeremy decided to apply for a job at his hometown country station.

Jeremy got the job and started out with only one shift per week. It was a red-eye show every Saturday night from 12:00am to 6:00am. That overnight shift was a gift. It allowed Jeremy to hone his skill, get comfortable on the mic, and become a polished professional. From there he continued to pick up new shifts earlier in the day and would even fill-in for his boss during the afternoon show.

Jeremy eventually found himself co-hosting a morning show in Virginia. This was something he had dreamt of and knew he could do. When that chapter of his radio career ended, he moved back home to North Carolina. While there, he continued in radio for a bit before leaving the industry altogether. Family members would tell him from time-to-time, “We don’t think you’re done with radio.” Jeremy shrugged this off because he wasn’t sure if there was a place for him in the radio industry any longer.

His family members were right! Radio is in his blood and Jeremy was so excited to be selected as the new morning show host on B101.5. This has solidified the idea, for him, that everything happens for a reason. Jeremy said, “Everything I’ve been through was just a test of faith and perseverance. All acting as a propellant to get me in the exact spot I needed to be in for this big break. The magnitude of this opportunity to join the team at WBQB is not lost on me. It’s an extremely humbling experience. Dee Daniels is an icon in Fredericksburg and I know I have BIG shoes to fill. I have admired this group of professionals for a long time now, and I’m beyond excited that they have chosen me to be an ambassador for this station and the communities we are privileged to serve.” 

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