Jarrell Properties purchases Goolrick’s downtown

by | May 11, 2022 | Business

The Goolrick’s Pharmacy building in downtown Fredericksburg has been purchased by Jarrell Properties Inc.  A spokesman says they plan on preserving Goolrick’s famous Soda Fountain, described as being America’s Longest Continuously Operated Soda Fountain.

On Monday, Jarrell Properties Inc. (JPI) finalized the purchase of the Goolrick’s Pharmacy building at 901 Caroline St. in downtown Fredericksburg. JPI says they purchased the building to restore its historic character and iconic soda fountain.  JPI President James “Jay” Jarrell, III was born and raised in Fredericksburg. He says, “I often stopped by for their vanilla shakes –awesome. During high school, I worked on a construction job downtown, and I had two egg salad and bacon sandwiches on white toast for lunch almost every day that summer.”  His son, James Jarrell IV, and daughter, Jewels Jarrell Stover, also grew up in Fredericksburg and now run the family business.

Jewels Jarrell Stover says she liked the milkshakes,  just like her father. She has memories from her times at Goolrick’s and says she looks forward to preserving the landmark for future generations.

Jarrell officials say the building is in need of repair and renovation following years of heavy use, flooding and evidence of old fire damage. JPI’s team plans on the renovation and rehabilitation of the building as soon as possible with the goal of reopening Goolrick’s.

Preliminary plans to preserve the building and recreate the experience of a simpler time include:
• Renovating the entire building
• Moderate expansion of the dining space
• Restoration of the lunch counter and bar stools
• Renovating the living space on the second floor
• No plans to reopen the pharmacy, which was closed by the previous owner

The Jarrells are seeking a food service professional to manage and operate the soda fountain. They plan to bring back original sandwich recipes and other classic Goolrick’s favorites.

Visit Goolricksfxbg.com to track the building’s progress as it makes its way through the renovations.


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