Scammers attempt to defraud Northern Neck Electric Cooperative members

by | Aug 4, 2022 | Around Town

Northern Neck Electric Cooperative has been notified by several members that they have received a call, where they are told that NNEC has been bought by Dominion Energy, they must now pay a surcharge, or we will remove their meter. Northern Neck spokesman Kyle Allwine says, “We have not been purchased by Dominion Energy. Please disregard this call as a scam.”

He says there are a few tips to avoid being the victims of a scam:

  1. When in doubt of the caller’s intentions or authenticity, hang up, and call NNEC directly.
  2. NNEC will never call you directly and request immediate payment by credit card to avoid disconnection
  3. Do not provide scam callers with your personal or financial information.

“Members should always be cautious of any calls claiming to be from Northern Neck Electric Cooperative asking for personal or financial information,” said Allwine. “Unless we are returning a call from you, or following up on a request, or giving you a friendly reminder, most notifications will be received by mail.”

Allwine says that no matter the circumstances, reasons given, or even if threats of disconnect are made, members should end the call by hanging up, and call NNEC’s member services team at 804-333-3621 with questions or concerns. If personal or financial information was provided to a spam caller, immediately contact your financial institution.


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