Stafford Fire and Rescue’s Public Information Officer helping out in Kentucky

by | Aug 14, 2022 | Police and Fire

From Stafford Fire and Rescue:

On July 26, more than 14 counties in Eastern Kentucky experienced days of torrential rain, causing flooding over a wide area. Thousands of people lost their homes and everything they owned and were in desperate need of shelter, food, and financial assistance.
The Kentucky Emergency Operations Center (EOC) was opened to assist flood victims and manage the complex recovery response. As requests continued to pour in to the EOC, the Commonwealth of Kentucky submitted a mutual aid resource request to the Virginia Department of Emergency Management and other states to fill key roles within the EOC. It was specifically requested that our Public Information Officer, Katie Brady, fulfill their PIO need, as she was previously deployed there last December after a devastating tornado. Katie’s experience and familiarization with their EOC’s Joint Information Center operations made her an easy choice.
She has impressed many high-ranking Kentucky officials with what we already know about her; she is a very talented, driven, and special PIO. Katie departed for the Kentucky EOC in Frankfort this past Tuesday. She will be back home this coming Wednesday. We’re so proud of you, Katie!

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