Additional horse-drawn vehicle warning signs posted in the Northern Neck

by | Oct 2, 2022 | Traffic

VDOT has installed additional warning signs to alert motorists to horse-drawn vehicle traffic in the Northern Neck.

In May 2019, VDOT posted warning signs on several primary and secondary roads in Richmond County to alert motorists to the presence of horse-drawn vehicle traffic. The signs were posted in areas where motorists may encounter horse-drawn vehicles.

VDOT recently met with local residents, businesses, and officials in several counties to identify additional routes where horse-drawn vehicles frequently travel. This summer, new warning signs were posted in Westmoreland, Northumberland and Richmond counties.

Horse-drawn vehicles typically travel at speeds ranging from 5-10 mph and sometimes carry multiple family members. When motorists encounter a horse-drawn vehicle, slow down and don’t use the horn. State law requires motorists to pass a horse-drawn vehicle with at least three feet of clearance when the way is clear.

Horse-drawn vehicles are considered slow moving vehicles, which are vehicles that travel at speeds of 25 mph or less. When on a public highway these vehicles must display a slow-moving vehicle sign. When motorists see a slow-moving vehicle sign, be prepared to reduce your speed and your position.

Horse-drawn vehicle warning signs have been placed or revised in the Northern Neck at the following locations:

Westmoreland County

  • Route 203 (Oldhams Road) near Route 620 (Threeway Road)
  • Route 202 (Cople Highway) near Route 203 (Oldhams Road)

Northumberland County

  • Route 617 (Lively Hope Road) near Route 202 (Hampton Hall Road)
  • Route 202 north of Callao

Richmond County

  • Route 3 near Route 620 (Richmond Hill Road)
  • Route 612 (Oakland Road) at Route 600 (Ridge Road)
  • Revised signs at Route 360 near Route 600 (Ridge Road)

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