Fredericksburg SPCA welcomes hurricane cats and dogs

by | Oct 6, 2022 | Non-Profits

The Fredericksburg SPCA was activated by their national partners to help provide relief to both Puerto Rico and Florida in the wake of Hurricane Fiona & Hurricane Ian.

Animal shelters in those areas are in desperate need of assistance for relocating their population of homeless dogs and cats, as they are seeing an influx of displaced animals coming through their doors. Team Fred SPCA was on the ground at Richmond International Airport early Thursday morning to welcome 4 adult cats and 6 kittens from Florida with Best Friends Animal Society. A Wings of Rescue flight came with 9 adult dogs and 13 puppies from Save a Sato Puerto Rico in partnership with Petco Love.

The Fred SPCA has been at critical capacity for months navigating how to help pet-owning Virginians and local transport partners during a national housing crisis.

The Fred SPCA says being activated by their national partners means there is a need fosters, adopters, & donations. To sign up as a foster, make a gift, donate supplies or welcome a new companion into your family through adoption, please visit Fredspca.org. 

Photos courtesey Fred SPCA

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