State Department of Forestry seedling store now open!

by | Oct 16, 2022 | Outdoors

From the Virginia Department of Forestry:

Every October the Virginia Department of Forestry (VDOF) offers a wide variety of trees for purchase through its online seedling store. Bred specifically for Virginia’s soils and climate, seedlings are grown and sold directly from the agency’s self-supporting nurseries.

Packaged as bare-root seedlings, trees can be picked up from our Augusta Nursery or delivered between Feb. 22 and April 26, 2023. Seedlings can be ordered in quantities ranging from five to 25,000. Orders will be accepted until April next year, but order soon. Supplies are limited and
some species sell out quickly. To browse the seedling catalog, visit BuyVaTrees.com.

In addition to 45 species of trees and shrubs, VDOF offers several seedling packs with species selected for specific qualities (fall colors, pollinators, riparian buffers and wildlife). For landowners with other goals in mind, VDOF nurseries grow a variety of pine and spruce species, as well as dozens of hardwood varieties used to establish timber stands, pulpwood crops, Christmas tree plantations, wildlife habitats, stream bank stabilization and urban forests.

“Seedlings are grown and sold directly from Virginia Department of Forestry’s self-supporting nurseries and are raised specifically to thrive here in Virginia,” said Assistant Forestry Manager at the Augusta Nursery Josh McLaughlin. “This year’s crop is 63 percent larger than last year’s, thanks
in part to all those across Virginia who helped us during last year’s annual acorn collection.” Whatever your tree-planting goals are, VDOF can help. Contact your local VDOF forester for more details.

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