Teen shoplifter caught in Stafford

by | Dec 24, 2022 | Police and Fire

From the Stafford Sheriff’s Office:

Have you ever had a package you struggled to open on Christmas morning? A prospective shoplifter had that experience last night as he went four rounds with a package, and the package ended the contest victorious.
On December 23rd Deputy E.C. Taylor and other members of the Special Problems Unit were conducting surveillance in the Target on South Gateway Drive. Deputy Taylor observed a subject take a hard phone case for an iPhone from the electronics section and into the back section of the men’s underwear display.
Round one ended quickly with the suspect failing to get the case out of the protective packaging using only his bare hands.
Round two took place in the kitchenware aisle and was another clear victory for the packaging. The suspect tried to obtain a knife from a knife block display, but was stymied, as the knife was secured in the block.
Round three involved a box cutter, and it seemed as though the thief would succeed. However, the packaging prevailed yet again in a hard fought battle.
The final round of the conflict returned to the men’s underwear section and saw the purloiner put the packaging on the ground and he utilized the stomp technique. Yet again the packaging absorbed the assault and triumphed.
Defeated and dejected, the young man walked away from the damaged, but still intact packaging. He was detained and identified as a juvenile. The suspect admitted he attempted to steal the item because a parent would not buy it for him. He was released to a parent and criminal complaints will be filed.

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