Next-generation 9-1-1 comes to Fredericksburg

by | Jan 4, 2023 | Police and Fire

Fredericksburg Police say with a New Year comes a new 911 in Fredericksburg. Next-generation 911, or NG911, is an upgrade to the traditional 911 system, which only allows people to call for help using a phone.

City Police say NG911 will allow citizens to access emergency services through text, video, and online chat. This system will improve the speed and efficiency of emergency response and give citizens more options for accessing help in an emergency.

With NG911, citizens can send text messages to 911 operators, which can be especially useful in situations where it is unsafe to make a voice call. They can also send photos or videos that may help identify the location or nature of the emergency. In addition, NG911 can automatically provide the operator with the caller’s location, which can be useful in emergencies where the caller may not know their exact location or may not be able to provide it.

NG911 uses geo-location technology to determine the caller’s location based on their phone’s GPS signal, which will help emergency responders find the caller more quickly and efficiently.

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