Three teens charged in Stafford break-in

by | Jan 21, 2023 | Police and Fire

Three juveniles face serious charges after a North Stafford resident found the uninvited guests in her home.
The Stafford Sheriff’s Office says on Friday night deputies responded to a breaking and entering of a home off of the 2600 block of Mountain View Road. The resident reported hearing a strange noise upstairs and saw a male suspect descending her staircase. When confronted, the male suspect fled back upstairs and exited the home through a bathroom window with at least two other suspects. The homeowner was not injured during the incident.
Deputies conducted a search of the home and observed the suspects had damaged a toilet in their haste to escape. One suspect dropped his wallet, complete with driver’s license.
Deputy E.T. Osborn made his way to the address of the wallet owner and was able to identify three of the suspects as juveniles, 15-16 years old. Juvenile Intake was contacted with the crime information, but elected to release the juveniles to their guardians.
The juveniles face charges of breaking and entering and vandalism. This is an ongoing investigation and anyone with information is asked to contact Deputy Osborn at 540-658-4400.

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