Spotsylvania Sheriff’s Office reports incidents at Massaponax and Courtland High Schools

by | Jan 25, 2023 | Police and Fire

Spotsylvania Sheriff’s Office School Resource Deputy investigated a trespassing incident Tuesday at Massaponax High School.  Major Liz Scott says during the investigation it was discovered that 18 year-old Ronald Reynoso entered the school with an adult female who had a pre-arranged meeting with the school’s administration.  School personnel were initially told that Reynoso was a juvenile however it was quickly discovered that Ronald was an adult and had been a previous student of another high school in the county.  He did not immediately leave the school and was discovered wondering the halls with several other students.  Reynoso was subsequently changed with trespassing on school property.  Additional charges may come as the investigation in continues.

Meantime, Major Scott says on Monday the School Resource Deputy at Courtland High School investigated a fight that started on the school bus. The fight started on the bus shortly after leaving the school.  She says the bus driver quickly turned the bus around and proceeded back to the school.  It is reported that two female students on the bus (17 and 18 years of age) were vaping on the bus.  At some point a verbal altercation ensued between the two females and the juvenile male victim. The two females began assaulting the victim on the bus.  Upon arriving at the school, several male juveniles began assaulting the original victim as he exited the bus. Major Scott says the School Resource Officer and school staff immediately came to the aid of the victim. The victim suffered minor abrasions as a result of the assault.

Suspect and charges regarding this incident are as follows:

Laylah Watson 18 years of age charged with Underage possession of vape, contributing to the delinquency of a minor and assault and battery

17 year old female: Underage possession of vape and assault and battery

17 year old male: assault by mob x2 and malicious wounding

15 year old male: assault by mob x2

15 year old male: assault by mob x2

17 year old male: assault by mob x2

The Spotsylvania Sheriff’s Office and the Spotsylvania School Administration are working closely together to come to a resolution to resolve these types of incidents in our school system.  Major Scott says the Sheriff’s Office has launched an immediate effort to have additional deputies at several schools.

Photos courtesy Spotsylvania Sheriff’s Office

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