Virginia State Police: Super Bowl fans don’t let fans drive drunk

by | Feb 11, 2023 | Police and Fire

From Virginia State Police:

Whether a Chiefs or Eagles fan, a guaranteed game-day loser is anyone who chooses to drive drunk on Super Bowl Sunday (Feb. 12). The Virginia State Police is reminding all Virginians that if your game plan includes drinking, then add a designated driver to your lineup. Don’t let celebrating the game foul your life.

“If you are cheering on your favorite team or just watching it for the commercials, Super Bowl Sunday is always a great time to hang out with friends,” said Colonel Gary T. Settle, Virginia State Police Superintendent. “It’s making the choice to drive home impaired that is the wrong way to celebrate. If someone makes the choice to drive impaired, then they also run the very likely risk of getting arrested for DUI. Getting behind the wheel when intoxicated is a choice – a choice with deadly consequences for you, your passengers and every other motorist sharing the road with you. Never drive buzzed, drunk or under the influence.”

In partnership with the Washington Regional Alcohol Program (WRAP), Virginia troopers will be stepping up patrols during and following the Super Bowl to deter, detect and arrest drunk drivers. No game or drink is worth losing a life over, so please be responsible and remember, buzzed driving is drunk driving.

On Super Bowl Sunday 2022, there were 36 alcohol-related crashes that resulted in 15 injuries and two deaths across the Commonwealth.* During Super Bowl Sunday 2020, nearly half (49%) of all U.S. traffic fatalities involved alcohol-impaired drivers according to WRAP and the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration’s (NHTSA) Fatality Analysis Reporting System (FARS).

If caught drinking and driving, you can face jail time, lose your driver’s license and your vehicle, and pay up to $10,000 in attorney’s fees, fines, car towing, higher insurance rates and lost wages.

“Be a part of a great defense, volunteer as the designated driver for your friends,” said Settle. “Teamwork and safety are a winning combination.”

If attending a Super Bowl party or watching the game at a restaurant:

🏈 Designate your sober driver, or plan another way to get home safely before the party begins.

🏈 If you don’t have a designated driver, then ask a sober friend for a ride home; call a cab, friend, or family member to come and get you; or just stay in for the night.

🏈 Use your community’s sober ride program, reserve a rideshare such as Uber or Lyft, or take public transportation.

🏈 Never let friends drive if they have had too much to drink.

🏈 Always buckle up – it’s still your best defense against drunk drivers.

If hosting a Super Bowl party:

🏈 Remember, you can be held liable and prosecuted if someone you served ends up in a drunk-driving crash.

🏈 Make sure all of your guests designate their sober drivers in advance or help arrange alternate transportation.

🏈 Serve lots of food and include non-alcoholic beverages at the party.

🏈 Stop serving alcohol at the end of the third quarter of the game and begin serving coffee and dessert.

🏈 Keep the numbers for local cab companies handy, and take the keys away from anyone who has had too much to drink.


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