Spanberger relaunches Postal Service survey to collect experiences of Virginians facing delays

by | Feb 25, 2023 | Government

7th District Congresswoman Abigail Spanberger has relaunched her survey to collect experiences and concerns from Virginians about the U.S. Postal Service (USPS).     Here’s a press release from Congresswoman Spanberger’s office:

Some reports indicate that USPS is experiencing staffing shortages throughout Virginia. Additionally, the USPS Board of Governors raised the price of stamps by 4.2 percent — meaning Virginians are now paying more than ever for USPS mail delivery and package services, while still experiencing unacceptable delays. On-time delivery rates improved last year, but some of these improvements may be attributed to a decrease in standards, which have slowed delivery service from 2-3 days to 4–5 days for up to 40 percent of First-Class Mail and packages.

Amid these challenges, Spanberger is interested in hearing from families, seniors, and business owners in the Seventh District about how they have been impacted by inconsistent and unreliable mail service. Virginians can click here to complete Spanberger’s brief USPS survey and share their stories.

“More than two years after first creating this survey, my office still regularly hears from Virginians experiencing substantial USPS delivery delays. Based on the magnitude of these issues, I know there are many more constituents whose stories I have not yet heard,” said Spanberger. “Virginians rely on the USPS to receive lifesaving prescription medications, bills, tax documents, letters from loved ones, and other essential items. Not only do individuals need a functioning postal service, but many local businesses rely on the USPS to fill customer orders as well. The responses from these surveys come from seniors, business owners, and families, and this feedback will help me advocate on behalf of residents of the Seventh District. I hope many Virginians will take a moment to share their experiences and concerns.”

Since the Congresswoman first launched her survey in 2020, she has received more than 7,800 responses from Virginians expressing concerns about ongoing delays at USPS.

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