Flashing yellow arrows coming to intersection near Stafford High School

by | Mar 10, 2023 | Traffic

From VDOT:

Flashing yellow arrow signals will be installed next week at the intersection of Route 1 and Route 753 (Enon Road) and Route 676 (Cranes Corner Road) in Stafford County to help drivers turn left safely against oncoming traffic.

Weather permitting, the new signal equipment will be activated on Monday, March 13, around midday.

Once activated, the traffic signals facing vehicles approaching Route 1 from the side streets of Enon Road and Cranes Corner Road will display four arrows.

Traffic from Enon Road and Cranes Corner Road will first have a green arrow to make protected left turns. When the green arrow disappears, a steady yellow arrow will appear above it, followed by a red arrow to tell drivers to stop. Then, a flashing yellow arrow will appear, communicating that drivers have permission to turn left, but must first yield to oncoming traffic. A sign reminding drivers to yield to oncoming traffic will be posted immediately next to the signal.

Watch a video on flashing yellow arrow signals.

No change will occur for travelers on Route 1. Left turns from Route 1 northbound and southbound onto Enon Road and Cranes Corner Road will be permitted only when a green arrow is present.

New traffic signal equipment for the intersection was recently funded and installed under permit as part of a Wawa commercial development under construction.

On the Enon Road approach to Route 1, new lane assignments were installed last week to match the new signal equipment. Travelers turning left from Enon Road onto Route 1 northbound are now using a dedicated left turn lane. Travelers turning right to Route 1 southbound or proceeding straight across the intersection to Cranes Corner Road are using a shared lane. Signs notifying drivers of the new traffic pattern were installed last week along the right shoulder of Enon Road.

Motorists can expect to see average driver delay fall at the intersection as a result of these signal changes. The intersection’s traffic signals can now direct concurrent phases for side street traffic, allowing travelers at more than one intersection approach to proceed at the same time, reducing the average wait time.


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