Spotsy woman loses $45,000 in a weekend scam

by | Apr 18, 2023 | Police and Fire

From the Spotsylvania Sheriff’s Office:

This past weekend, an elderly lady fell victim of a scam costing her $45,000.
A mother received a call from who she believed was her son claiming to be in custody. The “son” informed his mother that he was arrested and his “public defender” would call her with instructions on how to bail him out. Later, she was contacted by the “public defender” who said that her son’s bond was set at $15,000.
The mother went to the bank and withdrew $15,000 in cash. She was told a courier would come and pick up the money. The “public defender” then called again and informed the mother that her “son” was being charged for another crime and had an additional bond set for $30,000. The mother then back to the bank, packaged up the $30,000 of cash, and gave it to the second courier.
Scammers play with your emotions. They want you to act quickly to help your family or friends and pay without stopping to check out whether there’s really an emergency. If you get a call like this, you can be sure this is a scam. For more information, please visit: https://consumer.ftc.gov/…/scammers-use-fake…
If you believe you have been involved in a scam, please contact Deputy Margarida McBride at [email protected] or the Spotsylvania County Sheriff’s Office at (540) 582-7115.

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