Spotsy Scam Alert: Missing jury duty

by | Apr 23, 2023 | News

From Spotsylvania Clerk of Court Christy Jett:

It has come to our attention that local individuals are receiving calls from someone pretending to be law enforcement stating that they owe a fine for missing jury duty and requesting payment of the fine over the phone, sometimes requesting gift cards. As always, our office or law enforcement does not call to collect any type of fine over the phone and we definitely do not take any type of gift card for payments. A lot of the time the number on the caller ID will be spoofed to look like it is coming from an actual number within the Clerk’s Office or Sheriff’s Office.
Please alert family members that are not on social media about the scams and how numbers can be spoofed so what you see on the caller ID isn’t always where the call is actually coming from. If there is ever a question as to whether a call is real or not, hang up and call our office directly at 540-507-7636 or 540-507-7606.

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