Drunk driver arrested in south Stafford

by | Apr 26, 2023 | Police and Fire

From the Stafford Sheriff’s Office:

A drunk Stafford woman attempted to flee from deputies Monday night; however, didn’t get far due to her slow speeds.
On April 24th at approximately 7:47 p.m. Deputy B.M. Taylor responded to Shell Gas Station, located at 626 Warrenton Road, for a call of a drunk driver. Staff advised there was a female who smelled like alcohol and was “falling all over the place” that just got into a vehicle. Lucky for deputies, the suspect vehicle would be hard to miss due to the wild and egregious driving behavior.
Deputy Taylor located the vehicle in the area of Celebrate Virginia Parkway swerving in between lanes and going below the speed limit. Deputy Taylor attempted to initiate a traffic stop; however, the driver, instead of pulling over, cut across three lanes of traffic.  While the driver did not respond to the flashing blue and red lights behind her, she did respond to the red light in front of her. She stopped at the stop light and waited for the light to turn green before continuing the pursuit. First Sergeant B.W. Collins and Deputy Taylor were able to box the vehicle in near Village Parkway to officially end the slow rolling pursuit.
The driver had the very strong odor of an alcoholic beverage coming from her breath as she belligerently screamed towards deputies. She also had extremely glassy, bloodshot eyes, and admitted to being intoxicated multiple times. Her belligerent behavior and screams of racial slurs would continue all the way to the magistrate’s office and even before the magistrate. She was charged with driving under the influence with a blood alcohol content between .15% and .2%, misdemeanor eluding, as well as, the traffic lane violation. She was held at Rappahannock Regional Jail without bond.
Photo courtesy Stafford Sheriff’s Office

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