School-based ceremonies in Stafford honor enrollment, enlistment, and employment plans

by | May 2, 2023 | Schools & Education

From Stafford County Schools:

All five Stafford County High Schools and Project Search interns participated in the nationwide Decision Day event, honoring the plans of every graduate to either enlist in the military, enroll in continuing education, or join the employment force. This event follows through on the promises students made to themselves in October at the school division’s Chart Your Future expo.


“Stafford Schools is committed to inspiring and empowering our students so that they are prepared for bright futures. Our promise to them is that we will invest in them from the moment they walk through our doors. Culminating events such as Chart Your Future and Decision Day are evidence of that commitment,” said Dr. Thomas W. Taylor, Stafford Schools Superintendent. “After careful thought and guidance from school counselors and family members, our students told the world about their intentions to be enrolled, enlisted, or employed upon graduation.”

Decision Day was filled with enthusiastic welcomes, special breakfast or lunch, opportunities to publicly declare intentions, and presentation of certificates honoring their future plans.

“We are so proud of every single one of our more than 2,100 seniors, and we wish them the very best no matter which path they chose to pursue after graduation,” said Dr. Taylor. “This is such an exciting time for them as we wind down the final few days of their K-12 pursuits – an achievement that deserves special recognition.”

Planning for Decision Day began in October as Stafford seniors attended Chart Your Future at the Fredericksburg Expo and Conference Center. More than 80 local community and business leaders connected directly with students to answer questions regarding the joys and challenges of their profession and offer them individual advice on the required training and skills necessary for their future career choices. Exhibitors offered students the opportunity to apply for jobs, internships, military service, or college while at their booth. Students attended seminars to prepare them for life after high school, including sessions on financial management, FAFSA applications, workplace readiness, and leveraging their language abilities.

After returning to school, Stafford seniors completed and provided their school counselors with a card detailing their plans for life after high school. These cards were used to help students develop a plan for success, read aloud during the Decision Day ceremonies.

Photos courtesy Stafford County Schools

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