Police trading cards in Culpeper

by | Jul 31, 2023 | News, Police and Fire, Ted Schubel

The Culpeper Police Department now has trading cards. The 59 different baseball-style trading cards feature the department’s officers, civilian staff, four canine partners, and retired Chief Chris Jenkins. The trading cards are part of the department’s community outreach efforts. Each cards features the officer or staff member’s photo, a short bio, and a quote.
To celebrate the release of the cards, Culpeper PD is hosting a card collection challenge: the first child or teenager to collect physical copies of all 59 trading cards will win a Grand Prize. A second place prize will be awarded to the next four children or teenagers to each collect a full deck. The specific prizes will depend on the child’s age to ensure that prizes are age appropriate.
The first 20 children and teenagers to complete their decks will be invited to a CPD hosted party. Teenagers must be under 18 years old to collect a prize, but adults are also encouraged to collect the trading cards and have a friendly chat with officers and staff members.
“We want to encourage the community to get to know our officers,” said Chief Settle. “Towards that goal, cards can be collected from officers two different ways. Officers will carry their cards with them while they’re out on patrol. If you stop and chat with one of us, be sure to ask for a trading card. If the officer is engaged in a call for service when you see them, like a traffic stop or an investigation, wait for them to finish before you approach the officer.”
Civilian staff and detectives will have cards available at the police department for those who stop by the building. Another way for children to collect cards will be during special events. Officers at those events will have trading cards that are not otherwise readily available, from divisions like Street Crimes and Criminal Investigations.
The first cards will be released on Tuesday, August 1st during National Night Out. Each officer will be handing out a limited number of their cards in their neighborhood during the event.

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