Amazon Web Services to invest $11-billion dollars in Louisa County by 2040

by | Sep 2, 2023 | Business

The Louisa County Board of Supervisors has announced that Amazon Web Services (AWS), an Amazon.com, Inc. company, is planning an $11 billion investment by 2040 to establish two data center campuses in Louisa’s Technology Overlay District (TOD). This is part of AWS’s planned investment of $35 billion across the state, which was announced by Governor Glenn Youngkin in January.

The campuses will position AWS as one of the largest private-sector employers in Louisa and will create hundreds of new jobs. These data centers will support computer servers, networking equipment and the AWS technology that helps people connect to friends and family, work remotely, shop online, and stream movies, TV shows, music, and video games. The increased tax base from this planned investment is expected to support county schools, essential services such as first responders, and infrastructure investments such as parks and roads.

“This type of opportunity to create hundreds of high-quality jobs and significant investment in Louisa is why responsible economic growth is a priority for the county,” said Louisa County Board Chairman Duane Adams. “We’re proud to partner with AWS to expand their operations in a world with a growing demand for cloud computing infrastructure.”

The TOD plays an important role in supporting both economic growth in the technology sector while maintaining Louisa’s rural character through buffers, noise limits and other controls. The Board previously identified the opportunity to attract technology businesses to the county, and developed the TOD with strict development standards to meet the sector’s needs while protecting the beauty of the county’s natural assets. Compared to other types of development, data centers create jobs and bring significant revenue growth with less traffic and related community impacts.

“Bringing a leader like AWS to a rurally focused locality requires a careful consideration of industry needs and the community atmosphere that our citizens expect,” said Louisa County Jackson District Supervisor Toni Williams. “Louisa’s TOD represents the strictest development controls in the county, and we’re pleased to find a partner that offers such significant benefits while meeting those standards.”

“We are proud to reinforce our long-term commitment to the Commonwealth with our plans to invest $11 billion in Louisa County by 2040,” said Roger Wehner, Director of Economic Development, AWS. “Virginia hosted our first data centers when we launched in 2006, and over the last decade AWS invested more than $51.9 billion in the Commonwealth while supporting thousands of jobs. This new investment in Louisa County builds on our rich partnership with the state and we look forward to delivering and supporting programs that will benefit Louisa County residents.”

“This is a historic moment for the county,” said Louisa County Administrator Christian Goodwin. “AWS’s plans to locate in Louisa represents an amazing opportunity that benefits our citizens and our community as a whole.”

Economic development projects can result in revenue diversification for localities. The project will enable consideration of core service enhancements such as public safety and education, as well as infrastructure improvements such as parks and facilities upgrades. The Board of Supervisors looks forward to further public input in prioritizing related investments.

“Any chance to provide better job opportunities for our citizens right here in the county is a valuable one,” said Fitzgerald Barnes, Louisa County Patrick Henry District Supervisor. “Coupled with the revenue support for community enhancements and essential services, this project is a great opportunity for Louisa.”

“AWS will be a great addition to Louisa and we look forward to what the future holds as a result of this partnership and investment in our community,” said Andy Wade, Louisa County Director of Economic Development. “I’m grateful to the Board for their leadership in the creation of the TOD and to the state for their assistance in this ongoing collaboration.”

“We are thrilled to see Amazon Web Services expand into rural Virginia with its planned data center campuses in Louisa County,” said Jason El Koubi, VEDP President and CEO. “The economic impact of AWS in the Commonwealth is transformational, and these world-class data centers will bring historic capital investment and high-quality, 21st-century jobs.”

“Rappahannock Electric Cooperative looks forward to welcoming AWS to Louisa County and sustainably providing the reliable energy and fiber communications services they need to power their advanced data center operations in our community,” said John D. Hewa, President and CEO at Rappahannock Electric Cooperative. “We will be an active partner in this collaboration to propel our communities forward in the digital era.”

About Louisa County: Louisa County, located in the heart of central Virginia and encompassing a land area of 514 square miles, has a growing and diversified economy comprised of manufacturing, services, commercial and agricultural sectors. The county is situated between the cities of Richmond, Charlottesville and Fredericksburg, and Lake Anna lies along its northeastern border.

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