Cops 4 Kids in Caroline

by | Dec 9, 2023 | Police and Fire

From the Caroline Sheriff’s Office:

The event begins with everyone meeting at Wright’s Chapel United Methodist Church. The children are paired with a deputy then enjoy a dinner provided by volunteers with Wright’s Chapel. After dinner, bus drivers from the Caroline County Transportation Department transport all the deputies and children to the Ashland Wal-Mart, where each child is given a $150.00 Wal-Mart gift card.
The children are encouraged to spend around $100.00 on things they want, and around $50.00 on gifts for their family members or others they wish to receive a gift. The deputies then help the children shop for gifts and track spending until they have reached $150.00. Everyone then returns to Wright’s Chapel where volunteers help the children wrap the gifts they bought for other people. The children are then surprised with additional gifts from UnMasked, Inc.! UnMasked is a 501c3 organization led by Crystal Vessels, whose mission is to assist those who have been adversely effected by their life’s circumstances. UnMasked filled many tables with toys, books, stuffed animals, and more, then the children were given large bags to fill with whatever they chose from the tables.
Sheriff Scott Moser stated, “This event truly provides a wonderful service to children and families in Caroline County, and would not be possible without our unbelievable sponsors and donors. Wright’s Chapel United Methodist Church, the Ashland Wal-Mart, UnMasked, Inc., the Caroline County Transportation Department, Caroline County Social Services, Caroline County Public School members, volunteers, and donors are to thank for providing these children with the joys of giving and receiving gifts this Christmas.”
Sheriff Moser said, “Every child left this event with bags full of gifts and large smiles on their faces! In addition, CCSO deputies were able to build bonds with children in our community that will hopefully last a lifetime. I feel very blessed to be your sheriff and for having the opportunity to participate in this event, and I cannot thank all the sponsors, donors, and volunteers enough for their contributions. I wish everyone a very Merry Christmas, and a safe and happy New Year!”

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