VDOT gets ready for light snow on Monday

by | Jan 14, 2024 | Traffic

It’s brine time! I-95 travelers in the Fredericksburg area may encounter brief delays Sunday as a mobile operation pre-treats the interstate with a brine solution ahead of light snow forecast for Monday.

Pre-treatment started around 9 a.m. today and will continue through the day until complete on Interstate 95 northbound and southbound between exits 98 (Route 30/Doswell) and 150 (Route 619/Triangle).

State Police are escorting the slow-moving equipment to ensure tanker trucks applying the brine and crash cushion trucks can travel together. Tanker trucks travel at slower speeds to spray the brine solution on the road with precision, and to ensure an adequate amount is absorbed in the pavement.

Travelers are urged to yield and not pass the mobile operation.

On Monday, primary roads (routes numbered 1-599) in the Fredericksburg area, Northern Neck and Middle Peninsula will be pre-treated with brine.

For Monday, travelers should be aware that light snow may affect their route in the Fredericksburg area, Northern Neck and Middle Peninsula. Snow is anticipated to begin in the Middle Peninsula during Monday afternoon, and in the Northern Neck and Fredericksburg area on Monday evening.

Even with pretreatment, roads could quickly become slick once snow begins. Motorists should plan to travel with extreme caution. Adjust travel plans to avoid driving while snow is falling along your route. Continue to monitor weather and news sources for the latest forecast information, as the timing of the storm’s arrival may change.

In addition to pre-treating roads, VDOT crews are preparing staff, equipment, and road treatment materials, and are monitoring weather forecasts. Crews will mobilize Monday ahead of the anticipated light snow to treat state-maintained roads as needed to add traction for motorists and reduce icing.

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