Your pipes freeze….now what?

by | Jan 19, 2024 | Police and Fire

From Manassas Fire and Rescue:

We know many have been excited about this wintery ❄️ weather we have had! But what happens when it’s no longer fun?? Think frozen pipes won’t happen to you? Think again! Crews have run several calls for unoccupied homes and businesses with burst pipes. Here’s some information on what to do:
What should you do if your pipes freeze?
1. Shut off the water immediately. Ensure you know how and where to shut it off
2. If the pipes are still frozen, thaw them out with warm air (heaters, hair dryer). Do not leave heaters unattended.
3. Slowly turn the water back on once pipes are thawed.. checking pipes and joints for cracks.
4. Open a faucet so water will flow through the pipe once the pipe is melted
5. Call a licensed plumber for expert consultation.
What should you do if your pipe bursts?
1. Turn off your water.
2. Call a licensed plumber.
How to prevent frozen pipes:
1. Ensure all sprinkler/irrigation systems and hoses are turned off and drained
2. Know how to turn off your main water
3. Insulate your pipes and/or ensure warm air can reach them
4. Keep water moving in your pipes by allowing a small trickle of water to run.

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