Spotsylvania Superintendent Mark Taylor placed on administrative leave

by | Jan 23, 2024 | Schools & Education, Ted Schubel

The Spotsylvana County School Board voted Monday night to place Superintendent Mark Taylor on administrative leave.  Here’s what School Board Chairwoman Dr. Rita Daniels sent to the school community:

Dear Spotsylvania Staff,

At last night’s School Board meeting, the School Board voted to place Mr. Mark Taylor, Superintendent, on administrative leave. Mr. Kelly Guempel, Deputy Superintendent, and Chief  Academic Officer will act in the Superintendent’s absence as the Superintendent’s designee until further notice. If there is a need that only Mr.Taylor might be able to address, please inform Mr. Guempel of the request.

We appreciate your continued dedication and service to our students and community. As the Spotsylvania County School Board, we will continue our commitment to our students, staff, and families to ensure the best and safest educational experience we can. Thank you for yoursupport, and we look forward to your continued engagement.


Lorita C. Daniels, PhD

Spotsylvania County School Board Chair

The School Board met in closed session Monday night.   Afterwards, the board voted to “engage legal counsel to consult the board on specific legal matters involving specific staff” and to “accept the School Board’s recommendation for action related to the superintendent.”  Votes on both were 5-1.  Phelps no.   School Board member April Gillespie was not present for the votes.  Phelps said she did not attend the closed meeting.









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