PHOTOS: SAWs-Servants At Work–Latest ramp built in Caroline

by | Feb 12, 2024 | Non-Profits

From SAWs-Virginia

Grandparents raising the children of two of their deceased daughters is a story of challenges on multiple levels. One of the children, Kay’Lani, 3 years old, has cerebral palsy and is wheelchair bound. This ramp was for her primarily.
“It’s been really rough. This is going to make a big, big difference,” said Caroline their surviving daughter. “We have both of my sisters’ kids here. Two of them are 3 and one is 4.” It’s been a little over a year since their mothers died. “We’ve been through a lot the past couple of years,” said grandma.
Thanks to The Community Foundation/Fredericksburg Savings Charitable Fund for sponsoring this ramp.
Please donate at www.SAWsRamps.org.
Photos courtesy SAWs

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