Fredericksburg Regional Transit awarded two hospital grants

by | Mar 4, 2024 | ALLFFP, Fredericksburg, News

Fredericksburg Regional Transit (FXBGO!) has been awarded a grant in the amount of $20,000 from the Joe and Mary Wilson Community Benefit Fund of Mary Washington Hospital Foundation and $20,000 from the Stafford Hospital Community Benefit Fund. The funds will allow the agency to continue to provide transit service in the Fredericksburg region that will facilitate access to healthcare through public transportation and act as a mechanism to help address health issues through the benefits and connections transit service provides.

In 2023, there were nearly 3,000 passengers who boarded transit at the two hospital bus stops and another 7,659 who boarded at other “medical stops” on FXBGO! routes. The ridership goal for 2024 is 2,500 passengers at hospital stops and 3,500 passengers at other medical stops. The transit system has seen a notable increase in ridership due to fare-free service that began Feb. 28, 2022, which contributed to an overall increase in trips, including those to medical facilities and for medical services. If ridership trends continue, FXBGO! will meet and/or exceed both targets.

FXBGO! has specific program objectives within the grant period of 2024, including strengthening its safety and security programs; reducing accidents and incidents by three percent year-over-year; increasing the number of riders who board at Mary Washington Hospital and Stafford Hospital; evaluating FXBGO! routes to determine how to best serve new and existing medical facilities; completing “Ride FXBGO!” webinars and/or seminars, social media engagement activities, individual training sessions and outreach sessions to educate the public and staff.

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