Washington Nationals offer faster, easier ballpark access with MLB Go-Ahead entry

by | Mar 25, 2024 | Sports, Ted Schubel

The Washington Nationals and Major League Baseball are making it faster and easier for fans to come through the gates at Nationals Park with the implementation of MLB Go-Ahead Entry, a hands-free, frictionless ballpark entry experience. Fans can register now in the MLB Ballpark app and to use Go-Ahead Entry throughout the 2024 season.

Go-Ahead Entry uses facial authentication technology, which allows ticket holders who have opted-in to the service to enter the ballpark at dedicated gates at full walking speed without stopping. Nationals Park will use four total Go-Ahead Entry lanes during the regular season– two on the west end of the Center Field Gates; one at the First-Base Gate; and one at the Right Field Gate. One lane will be open in Center Field for ON DECK: NATIONALS FUTURES GAME on Tuesday, March 26, for fans who would like an early look at this new technology.

Fans can enroll in Go-Ahead Entry by logging into the MLB Ballpark app and following the prompts to capture an image of the user’s face. The image is converted into a unique alphanumeric code and then deleted, while the code, also known as a token, is associated with the individual fan’s account. When an enrolled fan walks through a Go-Ahead Entry lane, a facial authentication camera scans their face to match it with the enrolled token in the system and then allows access. Enrolled fans can use MLB Go-Ahead Entry at any park where the service is in place.

MLB Go-Ahead Entry includes a combination of free-flow security screening technology and facial authentication-based gate management, resulting in quicker, hands-free entry into the ballpark. MLB’s Go-Ahead Entry system technology uses a camera that identifies any opted-in fan as a registered member as they walk in, automatically validating tickets once identified. Fans who used Go-Ahead Entry lanes during last season’s pilot program at Citizens Bank Park went through 68% faster than a traditional entry lane, with 2.5 times more traffic than the next fastest traditional lane.

Nationals Park guests who opt-in to MLB Go-Ahead Entry can enjoy a truly hands-free experience while entering Nationals Park. CEIA OPENGATE technology implemented in 2022 enabled fans to walk through security without removing items from their pockets or clear bags, while MLB Go-Ahead Entry allows them to move through ticketing without needing to scan a barcode. Users who have multiple tickets attached to a token can also seamlessly bring their entire party through the same gate, as the technology will tell game-day staffers how many tickets are associated with an account.

More information on MLB Go-Ahead Entry is available at nats.com/GoAheadEntry. Fans can opt-in to the program now by logging in to the MLB Ballpark app.


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