UPDATED: Discussions between MWHC, Moss Free Clinic ‘will not continue’

by | Mar 26, 2024 | ALLFFP, Health & Wellness, Lead Story

On Monday night, the Moss Free Clinic issued a statement regarding its future, “proudly announcing its continued independence as a beacon of hope and healthcare for the underserved in the Fredericksburg area.”

“The Clinic’s steadfast dedication to economic security will ensure that patients receive the same level of care that has been the cornerstone of its mission for over three decades,” the Moss statement reads in part.

While not explicitly stated in the release, it appears that finding another funding source will be critical as Moss seeks to continue that mission.

“Our commitment to healthcare in a compassionate and caring environment for those less fortunate remains unwavering,” Moss Vice President Dr. Lloyd F. Moss Jr. said in the release. “However, ensuring the future of the Moss Free Clinic requires the continued support of the Fredericksburg community and beyond.”

Original story, published March 22:

The strained relationship between the Moss Free Clinic and Mary Washington Healthcare is headed for a divorce due to irreconcilable differences.

In a statement emailed to the Free Press on Friday afternoon, MWHC announced that “long-standing discussions about the future of the Clinic have reached an impasse” and will not continue.

According to the statement, MWHC “honors the Moss Clinic’s decision to remain independent and plans to continue to support the Clinic by allowing it to use the MWHC facility it currently occupies for $1 per year.”

A phone call and email seeking comment from Moss executive director Karen Dulaney was not immediately returned on Friday afternoon.

The Free Press reported that the clinic’s operating fund, which once had a balance of approximately $6 million following the construction of its facility at 1301 Sam Perry Boulevard had been fully depleted, and that added expenses left Moss with “a few months, probably” before it could no longer provide care at its current level.

Boards representing the two nonprofits met last week, but the gathering apparently did not yield a positive resolution.

“After thoughtful consideration, the MWHC board has reached a disheartening and disappointing conclusion,” Bruce L. Davis, chair of MWHC’s Board of Trustees, said in the statement. “Despite our shared missions, recent communications have made it clear that we cannot continue our efforts to try to work together to remedy the financial circumstance the Clinic finds itself in.”

In Friday’s statement, MWHC reiterated its stance that Medicaid expansion and the addition of several other free clinics across the region in recent years has led to “a healthcare safety network that is integrated, equitable and resilient.”

“We can assure our communities in Fredericksburg and beyond that this network of care, inclusive of MWHC, can and will deliver quality care for all who need it,” Davis said.

Mary Washington Healthcare, an individual or organization central to this story, is a major donor to the Free Press. Donors do not influence newsroom operations.

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