Winners named in recycling art contest

by | Mar 26, 2024 | ALLFFP, Environmental, Schools & Education, Stafford

Winners have been announced in the R-Board’s Get Rid of Litter 3-D Recycled Art Contest. The 84 entries, which came from 14 area schools, were viewed by over 2,000 residents during the Stafford County Fine Arts Festival at Brooke Point High School on March 23-24. 

Winners in the K through 5 division were: first place, Ricardo Bustamante, 4th grade, Winding Creek Elementary; second place, Graham Summits, 5th grade, Winding Creek Elementary; third place, Avia Bortes, 4th grade, Winding Creek Elementary. 

Winners in grades 6 through 8 were: first place, Gavin Will, 7th Grade, Shirley Heim Middle School; second place, Sara Miller, 8th grade, A.G. Wright Middle School; third place, Lauren Unie, 7th grade, A.G. Wright Middle School. 

Winners in grades 9 through 12 were: first place, Diana Vasquez Giron, 11th grade, North Stafford High School; second place, Maja Garcia, 12th grade, North Stafford High School; third place, Diana Vasquez Giron, 11th grade, North Stafford High School. 

Each division had a community choice award, voted on by 763 residents. Winners were Madison Suyo Vargas, 5th grade, Kate Waller Barrett Elementary; Gavin Will, 7th grade, Shirley Heim Middle School; and Selena Morales, 12th grade, North Stafford High School. 

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