Additional time is needed to improve the Route 2 bridge over Bowies Pond in Caroline County

by | Apr 12, 2024 | Ted Schubel, Traffic

VDOT says traffic will remain in the work zone condition with alternating, one-way traffic with a temporary signal until late May.   The temporary traffic signal was installed to avoid a full road closure and detour more than 6,000 vehicles a day several miles. 

 Drivers may not see workers in the area since additional time is needed to allow concrete to cure on the northbound side of the new bridge deck.  VDOT says the new concrete travel surface takes more than 30 days to cure. During this time, minimal work activity will be underway.

Officials say once crews are complete with the northbound side of the structure, traffic will be switched to allow crews pour concrete on the southbound side.  Since construction began on Jan. 15, crews encountered multiple issues with materials, wet weather and certain temperatures needed to accomplish various construction activities.  

 The project is addressing recurring cracking on the bridge’s travel surface by strengthening the connections between the beams to extend the life of the structure and provide a smoother roadway surface. 


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