Learn how to create a park in your backyard on Monday at Westmoreland State Park

by | Apr 20, 2024 | Outdoors, Ted Schubel

Earth Day- A Park in Your Backyard

Location of Westmoreland State Park in Virginia


Westmoreland State Park, 145 Cliff Road, Montross, VA 22520.
Discovery Center


April 22, 2024. 12:00 a.m. – 11:00 p.m.

Want to learn about how you can have a positive impact on the earth, and what steps you can take to do so?

Join rangers for a day of unique programs that will teach you how to transform your own green space into a healthy ecosystem for native plants, and animals. Create a bee hotel, make a bird feeder, or learn about how to transform your boring grass lawn into an oasis. So, celebrate Earth Day in style at Westmoreland State Park and become a steward for your environment.

Photo of green bush with small caterpillars climbing over the branches

Other details

Standard parking or admission fee applies: Yes.
Extra fee: No.
Children welcome: Yes.
Phone: 804-493-8821
Email Address: [email protected]

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